Governors' Visits to School

There are two main reasons why Governors make visits to the school:

Firstly, a new governor may visit to familiarise themselves with the school. A more experienced Governor may visit to acquaint themselves with changes to the school or re-familiarise themselves if they have not visited for a while.

The second main reason for a school visit is a focused visit, which is part of the governors "monitoring" role and may be part of the work of the committee or working party to which the governor is assigned.

We select an area to monitor for a period of time - usually related to a priority on the School Development Plan. We then follow the procedure set out for governor visits to school. Governors will be well prepared and will have precise questions, the answer to which should be provided by the visit.

More generally, visits allow the governor to become familiar with the school at work, and to get to know the children (not individually but in a class situation). It allows the governor to see teaching taking place so that when the committee receives reports, and discussions take place, the governor sees things in the context of the school.